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School Assembly

Give your students the SEL experience of a lifetime! A live, motivational concert experience presented by Katie Quick, The Five Fingertips School Assembly is our flagship offering for that has inspired nearly half a million students since 2011. 


  • Rooted in social-emotional learning, Katie teaches students how to turn their big dreams into reality using the Five Fingertips (belief, courage, action, perseverance and love). Students learn how to to develop better self-awareness, create goals, take action, maintain a positive mindset, and overcome obstacles on the way to making their dream come true.​ 


  • Katie sings and performs throughout the assembly, sharing her personal journey as a little kid singing into a hairbrush in her childhood home to becoming an award-winning singer/songwriter, teacher, and therapist who has achieved international success using the Five Fingertips!


  • The Five Fingertips program general education curriculum is an educational service that covers all five CASEL competencies including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. 


  • Students (and teachers) will leave feeling inspired and ready to take action, while teachers will receive a post-assembly curriculum to continue the work of the Five Fingertips in their own classrooms. 


2024 ​Assembly Details: 

  • Grade Levels: 3rd-5th and 6th-8th

  • What's Included: 60 minute program + post-assembly activity for teachers. 

  • Cost: Contact us today for pricing options! 

The Fingertips Program school assembly, featuring live music and motivational speaking.

Check out Katie talking about Fingertips LIVE on the Katie Couric Show!

"In my 34 years as a teacher, this is the best school assembly we've ever had." 
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