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Helping Hands

Your dreams are within reach.

Social-Emotional Learning for Everyone.

At the Fingertips Program, we believe that everyone deserves to have access to the knowledge, tools, resources and support to create the life of their wildest dreams.


That's why we provide three tiers of support including professional development, consultation, school assemblies and community-based learning, plus personal growth workshops, individual and group therapy, coaching and so much more.


  • We empower adults to find their voice, heal their inner child, and connect with their authenticity. 

  • We support kids and teens by teaching them how to identify, feel and express their emotions, have healthy relationships, make thoughtful decisions, and stay connected to their authentic selves.

  • We help teachers feel seen, understood and validated, while showing them how to find work/life balance, set boundaries, prevent burnout, and foster positive relationships with students. 

  • We help schools transform with love by implementing equitable, inclusive, trauma-informed and restorative SEL-based systems and structures that support the whole school community, creating emotionally safe environments rooted in compassion and belonging. 

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Meet Our Founder

Katie Quick, MA, LPC (she/her) is the multi-passionate founder and creator of the Fingertips Program. She is a licensed professional counselor, former classroom teacher, social-emotional learning specialist, national speaker and award-winning singer/songwriter with a Masters in Counseling from Northwestern University and two decades in education and social-emotional learning. 

Click here to read more about the incredible 20-year journey of Katie Quick and the Fingertips Program. 

Katie Quick, founder of the Fingertips Program.
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